Some of our second grade students.

Our school has small, multi-grade classes to accomodate all levels of learning.  

What Curriculum do we use?

Religion Faith Alive, Concordia Publishing and Voyagers
Memory Work Bible verses and Luther's small Catechism K-8
Math Saxon Math for lower grades. Mammoth Math for upper grades
Social Studies A Beka
Reading Houghton-Mifflin K-8         Companion Reading K-2
English McGraw Hill K-8  Houghton-Mifflin
Spelling Companion Reading K-2           Great Source 3-8    
Phonics K-2 Modern Curriculum Press
Handwriting D'Nealian K-6
Science Discovery Works - Concordia Publishing K-6 grades and Holt 7th & 8th grades
Music School Musical, sing in Church, Christmas Program and elective piano and guitar for families interested in private lessons.
Art and Physical Ed. all grades
"God's Word is truly taught and practiced at CCS"