Home School Options
Crown Christian School Home School Options
At this point, with consideration to our class sizes and the unknowns of school guidelines due to the Corona Virus, Home School Options has been suspended until further notice.
Choose from Music, Art, and Phy. Ed.
  • Annual costs: $150 for 1 class; $300 for 2 classes; $395 for 3 classes
Music Class meets for one 30-40 minute class each week.  The students will also be involved in our Christmas Program and Spring musical (We will have music classes more often as it gets closer to the programs).
Art Class - meets for one class each week.
Phy. Ed -  meets for two classes each week.
These options may be available when enrolled in at least one of the above classes.
  1. Standardized testing – Grades K-8 take the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS). Families pay the cost of the tests.
  2. Field Trips. Familie pay for the cost of field trip.
  3. Extra Curricular – Be part of the Spelling Bee, Science/Art Fair, and other activities

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